Business Strategy

What differentiates any great organization and its strategy is the way the business entity coordinates its activities, involves its people, and relates to its customers. At InfoTEX we systematically measure and monitor our performance. InfoTEX's business focuses on customized and packaged software solutions; we host, design and develop innovative software. Operating in this type of business we strive to create tangible and competitive advantages. New ideas undergo a peer-review, and selected or funded ideas are starting in the company as incubating projects, under the creative forces of the company, and then, become implemented as full solutions.

InfoTEX is pursuing success in its strategy by acquiring, mixing, and utilizing appropriately its selected resources - its human capital assets, its collective skills, its capabilities, and its methodologies. By carefully optimizing the designed strategy on the right mixture of its economic resources, InfoTEX developed an interacting and integrated operating framework of value-added primary and supporting activities.