Products and Services

InfoTEX's products and services concentrate on customized and packaged software solutions. Projects undertaken involve designing, developing and promoting software solutions such as lab management systems, portfolio management systems, accounting and payroll applications, point of sale, stock control, specific industrial and real estate systems, medical solutions, document management systems and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Some of the company's projects are based on existing tools or technologies and are basically applications that mainly serve particular needs of a sizable growing market. Other projects are based on new upcoming technologies which result in an application or product or service that replace other, older technology and less applicable systems. Other projects implement business ideas that can be identified as a break-through technology and are tailored to the exact and specific customers' specifications.

The company is currently embarking on a new initiative for the development of a new software system targeting a specific industry segment. The project will employ several software developers on a permanent basis. For this venture the company seeks to hire developers with skills and experience in Microsoft .NET and sub-technologies.

Custom Application Development

InfoTex is developing innovative products that go beyond the benefits of traditional windows and web based applications with advanced capabilities & features designed to meet each customers specific business needs.
Our products are built on leading edge technology and scalable architecture that can accommodate to the specific needs of each customer. Our custom application development includes:

  • Conceptualisation
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Proof of concept
  • Implementation
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

Software System Integration

Many organisations want to limit the number of applications run by their employees and streamline their operations by integrating. InfoTEX assists organisations to provide a unified framework for their applications.

We develop interfaces for the various tools and applications available in the organisation in order provide the integration with the unified framework. By adopting standards based architectures we simplify the task of integration, increase reuse, and improve agility and time to market.

IT Consulting

InfoTEX is helping companies to enhance productivity and remain aligned with their business objectives.

Our in-depth Industry experience, highly skilled pool of IT professionals offer companies assistance right from conceptualization to implementation, addressing organization's specific business needs with repeated and consistent results. Our technical expertise covers a wide range of roles across all phases of software development, from business analysts to system testers.