design and development of innovative software

Our Company

InfoTEX focuses mainly on the areas of hosting, design and development of innovative software. The company secures most of its funding from private firms, public authorities and government, national and EU research bodies, and international venture capital companies. The company is emerged as the joint collaboration of three companies in 2010; their experience is tracked to different areas in the IT sector with more than ten years of continuous presence in the industry.

Company Profile

InfoTEX provides software solutions and IT services to large accounting firms, NGOs and national corporations, universities, government agencies, shipping firms, financial services companies, and other small to medium size enterprises. infoTEX assists in the analysis, design and development of the clients businesses and strategies..

The following is a list of primary value-added skills, capabilities, and competencies that characterize InfoTEX:

·         Providing well organized services

·         Employing high qualified professionals

·         Focusing on hi-tech business ideas and utilizing state of the art technology

·         Developing layered networks of local and global partners and collaborators that have complimentary and value-added advantages to the company.

·         Being committed, dedicated to service excellence

·         Adopting high Ethical Standards of Integrity, privacy and data protection of customers

·         Providing employees with the opportunity of growth and development within a gratifying work environment

·         Leading not Following